Power 9 Switch Update (Rescheduled for May 12)

We plan to upgrade the Power 9 cluster switch today. This will prevent access to the Power 9 cluster until the upgrade is complete. We will post an update when the Power 9 cluster is available.

Details: IBM support has requested that we update the firmware in the switch which controls the power 9 systems as part of troubleshooting problems with several machines in the power cluster.

We would like to start that process today at 3pm (Boston Time/east coast). Please open a ticket before 2:30pm (Boston/east coast) at osticket.massopen.cloud if this will affect work you are in the middle of on the Power 9 clusters.

Please check https://status.massopen.cloud/ for updates on whether we start at 3 and details on when the update is complete.

Written on May 12, 2021