Kaizen VM Shutdown

On October 27th, as of 5:30 pm the Kaizen VM’s have been shut down. VM’s in the process of migrating to the NERC should not be affected by this shut down. Please see details below about opening a ticket if you feel your VM has been shutdown prematurely.

We launched the Mass Open Cloud (MOC) with a vision of creating a production cloud that would enable innovation by a broad industry and research community.

The MOC has successfully supported hundreds of projects supporting thousands of users, transitioned research projects into upstream software artifacts, and formed a community of interrelated research projects.

The New England Research Cloud (NERC)is one of those projects a production cloud with professional operations and a team of experienced facilitators. The NERC supports OpenStack users today. With that in mind, on October 27th MOC Kaizen OpenStack Cluster virtual machines will be shut down.

If you are planning to migrate and are already communicating with Milson Munakami (mmunakami@g.harvard.edu) please continue to work toward migrating off of Kaizen. If you plan to migrate and have not responded to Milson’s emails please do so immediately.

If you missed the previous communications about relocating your projects and wish to do so, please fill out this user survey immediately so we can begin your process as quickly as possible.

If you have questions please open a ticket at https://mghpcc.supportsystem.com/ or email help@nerc.mghpcc.org.

Thanks MOC Alliance Staff

Written on October 27, 2022